Monday, February 23, 2009

Womb with a View

So.  I'm pregnant.  11 weeks and 5 days to be exact.  We found out on NYE 2008.  I will be the first to tell you that we weren't one of the "Oopsy, I'm pregnant" couples... Nope.  It took us a grueling 17 months to get to where we are.  Well.. I take that back-- he didn't find it grueling ;-)  
Numerous doctor visits, many medications and prayers later... we were blessed with a positive blood test on NYE... which means I've known for nearly 8 weeks.  And let me tell you, they have been the LONGEST 8 weeks of my life.  All of a sudden, your life as you know it is completely different.  No drinking.  No going out with friends (because the temptation to drink is far too powerful).  No shopping-- what's the point of a cute new outfit if you can't wear it in 4 months?   I feel like the only thing I get to really look forward to is what I'm going to eat next.  I really shouldn't complain though. I'm one of the lucky ones that has experienced ZERO symptoms.  Yep.  Not one bit of morning sickness to complain about.   The only thing I gripe about is that I'm bored.  That's all Ken hears about... how bored I am.  I've read the baby books.  I've exhausted my Netflix subscription.  I've read books from my girlfriends (thanks Cecily).  I brush the dogs.  I do dishes.  I pace.  I clean for Christ's sake!  I AM SO BORED.  Again, not trying to complain.  I know that I've been blessed.  :)  I just need this pregnancy to speed up!!  I want to meet this lil love nugget so badly, that I feel it will never get here! 
We go to the Doctor on Wednesday for our 12 week check-up.  Provided everything goes okay, we'll open the flood gates and start telling people.  That's been the other hard part-- You're so excited about what is happening inside of you, yet you can't really talk about it.  You can only tell a select few people, for fear that the worst could happen.  So all day long, you're walking around with this major secret and you can't even talk about it.  And if you know, me... I can't really keep anything in.  When Wednesday hits, a huge weight will be lifted from my chest (no comments please!) :)  
I'll keep you posted on Wednesday's outcome.  Until then, I'll be reading magazines, drooling at Ken's cocktail, stuffing my face with Salt & Vinegar chips and thinking of my next blog post.  

I'm cashing in my Blogger V Card

So my dear friend Krista has turned me on to this whole blogging thing.  I must admit, it scares me because in no way do I think I'm remotely interesting enough that people would actually want to read my stories.  However, I get such a kick out of reading her posts (she's a hoot) that I thought I'd give it a shot. After all, it's a great way to keep up on what's going on in each other's lives... what's on our minds, etc.   I've embraced all of the other facets of technology, so why not have my own blog?  Here goes nothing!