Wednesday, January 12, 2011

It's official. I have become my Mother.

I recall those childhood-Christmas-mornings like it was yesterday. We (my Dad, Brother, Sister & I) got so much entertainment from watching Mom open her gifts. To describe her reactions as "dramatic" could NOT do it justice. The woman would cry over dish towels. DISH TOWELS! I'll never forget the year Shayne gave her new plates/ bowls... She bawled. BAWLED! I just remember thinking... WHAT A WEIRDO!! WHO GETS EXCITED ABOUT PLATES?!

Who you ask? Me. That's who! I have morphed into that crazy woman. All afternoon, I have found myself gazing with admiration at my new Calphalon cookware. I know. It's kind of sad. 

I got my monthly Kohl's coupon yesterday, peeled back the label and... POW! 30% off! I told Ken that for my birthday this year (the 24th of this month... start sending your cards now :) ) that I wanted some new pots & pans. Ours are ancient... and now that I'm honing in on my culinary skills (cooking things other than hot dogs and microwave popcorn), I might as well get the appropriate utensils.

Sooooo.... I left the house this morning (with Little Britches in tow) and told him I was off to buy my birthday present. He couldn't have been happier; no shopping for him to do this year! We went to Kohl's and found the beautiful cookware I've been admiring for months . It is just lovely (See! I told you, I have TOTALLY become my Mom). Even better... they had a "gift with purchase"... so I got an extra pot (valued at $70) for FREE! Wahoooo! So you are now looking at the proud, new owner of a 14 piece set of sweet-ass-pots-&-pans! Guess it's time to finally give the ole' Easy Bake Oven a toss.

Move over Emeril... this girl's got work to do! On the menu tonight: Penne Bolognese!

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