Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Why won't this thing come off?!?!?

Sunday, May 22, 2011

I'll take s'more!

No-Bake S'Mores
Here it is! The most recent magical creation to WOW your taste buds!

It's so easy, too. The hardest part was opening up the different bags of ingredients. Seriously.

I'll warn you now, though. You may want to skip dinner and just go straight to this. I made the mistake of eating my meal first--which only left me a little room for these super decadent, gooey guys-- and boy, was that a mistake! :( I would have liked to take down the whole pan.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Time for a cold one!

Non-alcoholic beer is lame, I know--but it sure tastes good after a day spent working your arse off in the yard! And when I look at Ken drinking a Stella, it makes me want one that much more. 

If I could drink I'd probably rather throw back a margarita actually, but Baby #2 doesn't need to be doing the Macarena in Mommy's belly. So I'll settle for an O'Doul's. 

We worked again on the house today! Got a ton accomplished (more flowers planted, lawn mowed, weeds pulled, mulch spread, etc). We're proud of our hard work. Now it's off to the market to buy some yummies for dinner.  

Hope everyone is having a great weekend--and celebrating that the world hasn't ended! Well, not yet anyway. 
Is there anything more darling than a sleeping baby? I think not.

Dulaney- reading to YaYa and Ava. Ava was soooo enthralled in the story about Biscuit!

Darling cousins.

Having fun at YaYa's house!

Getting some air!

Giving the crayons the ol' stinkeye!
 And for good measure, a video of her first time on a trampoline. What can I say?! She's got skills. 

Monday, May 16, 2011

Hey Chicago!

Looking for something fun to do in the city?

I have an idea that will suit just about anyone—a visit to a place called
Arts n Spirits! Located in the heart of the Bucktown neighborhood, this shop opened its doors only recently, but has already managed to become one of the trendiest and most popular spots to hit in the Windy City!

So what is the story behind "Arts n Spirits?" Here goes: The concept is fun, stress-free, instructional painting accompanied by alcohol (bring your own, please!), music and dancing!

I know, what you're thinking: Why didn't I think of this?! It's brilliant!!

To sign up, simply go online to view
the shop's schedule; you pick a class based on the painting posted on the calendar. Then, when you reach the facility on the day of your class, co-owner Jessica Hess walks the class, step-by-step, through how to create that particular

Don't like the colors in that painting? No problem! If you prefer purple to a yellow background because it matches your living room, then go for it! You can customize the painting as much or 
as little as you like. And the facility provides all of the materials—a 16 X 20 canvas, paint, easels, aprons, etc.

To liven up the atmosphere (and wear down your inhibitions) there is music (which sometimes leads to dancing!) to get the creative juices flowing. And the B.Y.O.B. option is just a little "liquid encouragement" for those who are nervous about picking up a paintbrush!

In my best Chandler Bing: "Could this be more fun?!"

Thinking of signing up? Arts n Spirits has something for everyone! They offer private events (birthday parties, bachelorette parties, etc.), fundraisers and even "Family Day" on Sundays at 2 p.m. They also have a small retail shop featuring handbags, jewelry, scarves, wine glasses and platters. Everything is 20 percent off if you're taking a class that night!

Booze, music, painting, shopping and dancing? Where do I sign up?  Better yet, can I just move in?

And if you're doubting your ability, don't! Look at the gallery of what these folks painted with the help of a little instruction. Pretty impressive, if you ask me!

So, if you're like me and have an empty wall that needs some personal, creative expression, head on over to Arts n Spirits! Grab some friends and sign up! Or make a date night of it! You will have so much fun! And you'll have something to show off to friends and family that you created! The paintings even make great gifts (hint, hint: Father's Day is coming up!).

Arts n Spirits: Laugh, Drink, Paint. Sign up now before classes fill up! Don't believe me? Check out the reviews for yourself. And last but not least, don't forget to bring your "juiceboxes!"

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Sprinkling in some fun!

Yesterday was SOOOOOO hot! We decided to let the girls have their play-date outside! I got out the mini pool and our little sprinkler so Ava & Maddie could cool off while Jen and I got to sit in the sun & catch up. The girls were so darling! They had the best time!  Makes me giddy with excitement for the rest of the summer. 

I'll go if you go!
Giggling girls
Having fun in the sun
Yep. That's my kid, alright!
I can already see these two-- 20 years from now-- getting in a boat load of trouble. 
Like Mother like Daughter
Cracking up over sharing their juice.
So proud to be sharing
Little guzzler 
"Buh bye air pane!"
All that exercise calls for a snack! Chips n' salsa it is!
Slumber party!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Wait a minute Mr. Postman!

Ding dong went the bell. I went downstairs to answer the door, and there he was, the Postman.

Kristi: Hello Sir (in my chipper, neighborly voice)! What can I do for ya? 
Postman: (all crabby and old) I need $0.20
Kristi: $0.20? What for?
Postman: (Holds out a letter, addressed to Ken) This was mailed to you without a stamp. I need $0.20 in order to give it to you.
Kristi: So... someone mailed us something, and we have to pay since they forgot to put a stamp on it?
Postman: Yup 
Kristi: Okaaaaaayyyyyyy...? I'll be right back....?
Kristi: Here you go (holding out the 2 dimes).
Postman: Here is your letter (takes my change with his ol' wrinkly fingers).
Kristi: um.... thanks?

And off he went.

After he left, I thought to myself--don't they usually "return to sender" the mail that doesn't have the correct postage...? Yes. Yes, they do. I know this because I have had mail returned to me over the years because I tend to forget things like stamps. So how come I had to pay this time...? It's not that I'm ticked about the measly $0.20... it's the principle--It's like being charged for an incoming long distance phone call.

Maybe tomorrow, I'll meet him at the curb, hand him back the letter and ask for my two dimes back. Either way, I know a certain someone that won't be getting his Christmas bonus in the mailbox this year. I'll give you one guess who it is.

Ol' grumpy bastard.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Let me clarify

I realize I may have caused some confusion by not elaborating on yesterday's post. 

During my ultrasound yesterday, the baby was being "very cooperative" and I happen to "scan very well", according Dr. Fisher. Toward the end of the appointment, he looked at me and asked "Do you want to know the gender?!"

I (of course) screamed, "Wait?!!! Can you tell already?! If so, then YES!!! I want to know!!"  

He laughed and said, "Well it's not usually this obvious, this early, but that right there (pointing at what resembled a third leg), is telling me that it's a boy."

He even wrote "boy" next to the weenis (as i call it) and sent me home with the u/s print-out to show Ken.

So there you have it folks. We aren't buying any blue outfits just yet, nor are we painting the nursery-- but we are confident (at least 95%) that I am carrying a little man in this ever-expanding belly. 

One of each. We couldn't be happier! :)

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Not exactly a green thumb...

... but I'm certainly working on it. I planted hundreds (yes, hundreds) of plants and flowers this weekend--and I'm completely exhausted. After 3 trips to Home Depot (and multiple trips to the car to empty the cart, before heading back to reload) I brought home enough plants to fill the planters and sparse areas that were currently occupied with nothing but dirt and weeds.

Tomatoes that grow upside down and don't require a garden?! Of course I fell for it (I even bought 2). Just the aroma of the tomato plants reminds me of my Grandma's garden and how we'd go out there to pick fresh tomatoes and other yummies.  

I am sooooo excited about my herbs! I planted two of these planters... full of Basil, Rosemary, Cilantro & Oregano. I even had Ken bolt them onto the deck railing so they won't fall over (which would inevitably happen had he not done it). 

Meanwhile, Willy sat in a bed of dandelions, looking like Ferdinand the Bull-- Just sitting quietly, smelling the flowers. It was adorable. Too bad I didn't have my camera on me for that one.

"Ferdinand the Bull"

Nor did I have the camera available to capture Ava picking all of the dandelions on the side of the yard, collecting them, then running toward me, yelling "Mama! Mama"-- and handing me her squished up bouquet of dandelions-- which by that point had already stained her hands yellow. Her nose was yellow too... which meant one thing-- she was busy smelling those dandelions, too. She loves to smell the flowers! Just last week decided to sniff the tulips. Lucky for me, the camera was ready!