Friday, July 23, 2010

Ava & Stripper Poles

I've intended to join one of these "Mommy Groups" in the city, to get Ava & I out of the house so we can meet other Moms & babies. I get the emails everyday, announcing new activities. I've never gone. Until today. The "Lincoln Park Moms" group was hosting a free class at Flirty Girl Fitness called "Yummy Mommy". For those of you that don't know, it's a super cool place where you go to work out... and dance like a stripper. I simply HAD to check it out.

Let me start by saying, the facility was incredible. Super clean. They have a spa, snack bar.. and drum roll please.. a FULL BAR! This place is heaven! I don't want to leave! Ava and I make our way into the class and there they are... the shiny poles. I'm thinking - what the heck is going to happen....?? I envision myself sliding around on it, all sexy and sultry (think Demi Moore).

Sorry to disappoint.. there was no pole dancing. At all. Well except for Ava.... she thought it was fun to hold onto it and go around in circles. I warned her that this would be her one and only time on or near a stripper pole. Instead, the class was how to exercise with your baby. I got a good workout... Ava got to run around and play with the other kids (yes, amongst many stripper poles)... and best of all, it was FREE! Can't beat it.

I'm thinking I'll go back someday... maybe if I drink enough at their bar, I'll get the guts to take a pole dancing class. Boy wouldn't Ken just LOVE that?! :) Now that I think about it, that's probably the reason for the bar. Genius!

Here is the video from their site just so you can see how neat the place is.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

4 days of practice, and I think we're ready!

Clearly, we are a wee bit excited about her progress. She took her first independent steps on Sunday... 4 days later and she's full-blown-walking! We're so proud of our girl. Must be the steroids...? ;)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Recent pics

Our new cleaning lady.

Stealing the remote from Dad to turn on Telemundo.


"Nope. Not gonna tell. Lips are sealed."

"I've got something up my sleeve..."

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

"Travelin thru" & Milk

On our (what seems to be) daily trip to Target, I was greeted with something familiar, yet again. Every time I turn into the parking lot. I see them. They are the same, ragged couple and their poor dog... sitting with their bags and cardboard sign, claiming to be "travelin thru + hungry". So what's the problem? They're there, EVERYDAY.... and have been for a month! Um, I'd like to see the map with all of the push pins for the places they've "traveled". I'll bet you won't get much further than 2 pins. Seriously people... the jig is up! A part of me wants to throw a can of dog food out the window on my next way out. In their defense, they do look sorta nice...? Maybe tomorrow I'll buy them some water....?

On a positive note, our Target has now expanded to a SuperTarget and is in its final stages before completion. While scrolling through the new grocery aisles, I pondered on whether to buy more milk for Ava. When I looked into the cooler, I was surprised to see "Prairie Farms" brand milk. I couldn't believe my eyes!! I haven't been able to buy Prairie Farms Milk in 13 years!! Do the math people... I grew up on their milk in Quincy! Now they're making their way all the way up here to Chicago... at MY Target! Talk about Mooooooovin' on up! Ha. Okay. That was cheesey. I will say though, I think it's pretty cool that my little girl can have the same milk I grew up on. :)