Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Stick a fork in her, SHE'S DONE!

Today marks a very important milestone for Baby Ava. She's 37 weeks gestation and is considered FULL TERM!! Woo Hoo!! I thought we'd never get to this point!
Ken went in yesterday for surgery to repair his deviated septum and to also have his Uvula removed. He's been recovering over the last 24 hours... I've been playing nurse (too bad they don't make those little nurse outfits in maternity sizes!). The surgery was necessary to put an end to his severe snoring (yes, it's that bad). And with Ava on the way, he needed to do something if we're going to remain married. I can't very well take Tylenol PM's and sleep with ear plugs when I need to be able to hear a newborn. So... the poor guy had to go under the knife for me. He's been a trooper though... eating plenty of soup, hot tea, applesauce and pudding. He's craving a cheeseburger but that's definitely a no-no. I told him I could throw one in a blender but he didn't like that idea very much.
I go to visit the Doctor tomorrow. During last weeks' visit, I had my first internal exam... where she discovered that I'm 50% effaced and 1/2 cm dilated. This probably means nothing actually... considering women walk around for weeks being 100% effaced and multiple cm dilated. But either way, we were thrilled to hear that she's making some progress. I've got my fingers crossed that she'll have even more tomorrow... but I'm not holding my breath. I still haven't "dropped" yet and they say that is necessary before you get close. So.... the waiting continues.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Can I just say that I LOVE being pregnant?!

I love being pregnant! Sure there are a few aches and pains... and I'm not a big fan of the weight gain either. Nor do I like that I can't go out for a night on the town and catch a good buzz with my favorite people...BUT there are so many things I love about it!
I love feeling her move at all hours of the day. I love knowing that I have life growing inside of me... something comprised of all the best parts of Ken and I. I love knowing that she is safe in my tummy and that I have the ability to give her all of the things she needs to continue to grow and develop. I love that Ken sees the beauty in this miracle too... I don't think he's ever looked at me the way he does now. So much love. This is going to be one lucky little girl, loved so much already... I don't know what we're going to do when she's finally in our arms!!
We have reached our 35 week milestone this week and I have to say... It is so surreal that she will be here in a month! I feel "ready"... but completely overwhelmed by the change that is about to take place. Just like my Mom continues to tell me, "Honey, none of us knew what we were doing... but we somehow figured it out. You'll be just fine". Hearing that certainly puts me at ease... makes me feel a little less pressure. I just have to keep telling myself that we're not going to be perfect. As long as we're giving it our best shot though, we should be just fine... and so should Baby Ava.
I am making weekly trips to our Dr now to check mine and Baby Ava's progress. Soon they'll be telling me how far dilated I am.... So crazy that we're near the end of this journey.
I still feel pretty good! It has gotten a little more difficult to get around due to my ever expanding tummy. My appetite has gotten a little more ferocious too... I seem to be hungry every few hours now. Before, I would just eat the regular 3 meals a day and be satisfied. Now I'm finding myself hungry at all hours of the day! Between meals, before bedtime & (oddly enough) when I wake up in the middle of the night for bathroom breaks-- I'm starving!! I've read that Baby Ava is growing around 6-8 ounces a week now so that could very well be the cause for all of the extra cravings.
Today I'm going to run more errands, all in preparation of her arrival. My first (and very important stop) is to get her carseat checked in the back of the Lexus (which I'll be driving once she's born... Ken's not thrilled to have the BMW now, but I'm sure he'll get over it!). We have our last shower tomorrow afternoon, hosted by my girlfriends Jill & Jenny. It's a BBQ at Jill's condo... Couples are invited so this will be the first baby shower that Ken will be involved in. I think I'm more excited than he is though... ;-)
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