Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Git er done!

It's amazing how much more productive one becomes when you have less time. For instance, my sophomore year in college was crazy: I was taking 18 hours of classes, doing Golden Girls (dance team), working at Johnny's Beanery nearly 25 hours a week, super active with sorority "stuff", etc. I had all of this stuff going on, allowing me hardly any free time-- yet I somehow managed to get the best grades of my college career during that semester. How is that?!?! The other semesters were spent doing far less "stuff"--and my grades reflected there was far less studying going on, too.

The difference? It's called prioritizing, folks. When you don't have extra time, you make the best of whatcha got.

I mention this because I have been one productive momma ever since we welcomed another baby to our family. Before Jack's arrival I moseyed around, doing a little here, a little there-- enjoying long breaks in front of the tv & computer-- and truthfully, getting a whole lot of nothing done.

Now? No way in hell is that happening! I am a multitasking hot mess. I go from nursing Jack to laundry to dishes to diapers to coloring with Ava to lunch to.... (you get the idea).

Surprisingly, I've gotten a lot of "to-do" items crossed off my list this week. It's surprising because they're things that despite my "free time", they remained on my list for 6 months and I never once thought about executing on them. Well, now with my shortage of time I've suddenly found the motivation to get after it.  Here's one of the latest things I tackled:
Shoe organizer turned cleaning products organizer
I wish I could take credit for this genius idea-- but the truth is, I found it on Pinterest. Did I mention I freaking love Pinterest?! I can't tell you how much room I created by getting all of these products off the shelves and into the shoe organizer. Brilliant, I tell you! Brilliant!

See?! I'm doing all sorts of things around here. Well-- except for showering. Those pesky showers still haven't found a way onto the list of high priorities (I'm lucky if I get a 2 minute "rinse-off" on a daily basis). Maybe I'll get to that after I clean the gutters, caulk the shower and hang the window treatments. Just maybe.


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