Tuesday, September 1, 2009

One last hurrah!

Any day now and Ava will be here! I wake up every night, for yet another trip to the bathroom and I stop and ask myself... "Is this it? Am I awake because I'm in labor?". And sure enough, it ends up being just that... a bathroom break. I do realize, though, that with our due date just 1 week away, I just might wake up one of these nights and actually BE in labor. Pretty exciting... and unnerving!
Until that happens, we're trying to squeeze in as many activities in as possible. We attended what will be our last "Pre-Ava" Cubs Game this past Saturday. We also went to our last "Pre-Ava" concert... We saw Carrie Underwood at Ravinia last night (see pic above and below). I must admit, when I bought the tickets for her concert back in April, I never dreamed that I would actually be able to attend... I was sure I would either be a Mother by now, or at the very least, incapacitated! But no.... instead, we were singing and dancing on the lawn last night, having a great time! Part of me thought that all that noise and activity would coerce her to make a move.... but no. She's still holding down the fort. In fact, I think that she's grown quite fond of her little condo inside Mommy's belly. And I'm okay with her sticking around awhile longer... she'll come when she's ready.
However, in the event that she decides to overstay her welcome, our Dr has informed us that they will induce us on September 15. So there you have it! We will undoubtedly have a daughter (and be parents!!) within exactly 2 weeks. It's surreal, to say the very least. With the countdown in full effect, I've been trying to squeeze in small naps here and there, having been plenty forewarned by other new mothers about the soon-to-be sleep deprivation that I will no doubt encounter. I'm also tying up any and all last minute errands and loose ends to make sure I've got everything I need for when she does come. If there is anything I will need at that time, I'll just send the Go-Fer.... Ken. :)