Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Long overdue!

I can't believe it's been a month since I last posted. Where does the time go?!? And to think that this weekend, it will be March!! Bring on the spring baby!!! I want to get you out and about!

Little Miss Ava- I keep a journal for you. A friend of mine (Cecily) recommended I write down little things you do so I can one day look back on it and remember the cute little things that I would otherwise forget (due to major sleep deprivation!!). Well, even though I've been neglecting this blog, I've been keeping up with your journal. It's actually a word.doc that I keep on my desktop... I add little stories as you write them! I even put digital pics next to the stories. One day, I will have these pages leather bound and will give to you to keep, as your very own baby book. It will certainly be a one-of-a-kind! I've decided to put a few of this past months journal entries in place of my blog post. Yes, I'm being lazy. 

January 24, 2010: 
Today is my 31st birthday! We had a good day! You woke me up at around 4:30 AM for something to eat so I fed you a few ounces and then put you back in your crib. You woke up again at 8:00 so we got up for the day. 

Jason Buttner and his girlfriend, Andrea, came to visit. Then your Auntie Jill came to stay for a few hours. She brought me wine (as a birthday gift) and pink boots for you! They are too cute! You were a very good girl today... just like every other day. You’re drooling a lot now so I usually put a bib on you to catch on the slobber. The Doctor says it’s because you’ll soon be getting your teeth. How crazy!! You’re spending more time in your exersaucer. You’ve gotten so strong... We call you “Rigger” because you get stiff as if you have rigormortous. It’s hilarious! Anyway, you love standing up and flapping your arms up and down as if you’re trying to fly... and your face gets really serious, while you stick out your tongue and make “raspberries”.  You love putting everything in sight, in your mouth, too! 

This weekend, my friend Cecily came to visit us from Denver. She brought her little boy Tanner, who is almost exactly one year older than you. They came to visit because she’s never gotten to meet you. They live in Denver. They moved there in mid July, just before you were born. She adored you!! We got a few cute pictures of you with Tanner. He was teething during the visit and was very unhappy about it. It made me sad because I know that you’ll one day go through all of that and I don’t want you to ever feel pain or discomfort... even if it’s inevitable. 

During her visit, we went to visit our friend Maggie, in Barrington. She has two little girls... so it was quite the play date! 5 babies and 3 adults! Yikes! You and Tanner both slept on the way there and back... so cute to look in the back seat and see the both of you completely tuckered out!  That night, we went to my favorite mexican restaurant Fuego.  It was delish!  

Well, you’re certainly getting the hang of this cereal thing! You are the cutest thing, Ava. I absolutely LOVE you. I have plenty of video footage to show you when you’re older! You seem to like the cereal and oatmeal now... especially if I mix it with applesauce, pears or prunes. You also like sweet potatoes & squash!

You are working so hard to roll over from you back to front. It happened once last week, but hasn’t happened since. You’ll get your legs over but you arm doesn’t go. You look like a little catortionist! Maybe you can have a career with “Cirque de Soleil” one day!

January 30th, 2010: 

SWEET ANGEL. Your Dad & I toted you from place to place today... a total of 7 hours. Guess how many times you cried? Seriously, guess! ZERO. That’s right, ZERO. You are the BEST baby in the entire world. I’m not even kidding. We took you to the bank to get important documents notarized, to the gym (for an hour-long tour) & 2 car dealerships (we spent 3 hours at one of them!). You only fussed when you were hungry. I swear Ava... there is no baby that is sweeter and more beautiful than you, on this entire planet. I always tell your Dad (in my best hillbilly voice), “We didn’t get NO LEMON!”. I wish words on paper could convey the love we feel for you.... and how it grows stronger every day... with every smile. 

You’re sleeping soundly now, in your bed... unswaddled. I decided to “break” you of your swaddle on Wed. I was dreading it for so long. Big surprise, you took it like a champ! You didn’t miss it at all!!! Instead, you rolled onto your side, snuggled with your blanky and went to sleep. Like I said... BEST BABY EVER. Nana tells me I had better enjoy you because our next baby will surely be the exact opposite of you... fussy, uneasy, and AWFUL. Let me tell you.. if every baby we have could have an “Ava guarantee”, we’d have 20... because you are, simply put... the sweetest, most gorgeous, precious thing I have ever experienced... and even better... I have the innate opportunity to call you mine, and for you to call me Mommy. I love you sweet baby. Sweet dreams.

February 4, 2010:

You are 5 months today!!!  And you ROLLED OVER!!!!  I even got it on video!!!  You’re amazing!!

February 8, 2010:
I just realized something incredible today! Ava-your Nana Norma and Late Papa Jack bought your Mommy a ring for my High School Graduation. I can’t recall what made your Dad and I to begin this conversation, but we discovered something amazing!!! The ring that your Nana and Papa gave your Mommy at graduation had a Citrine (yellow topaz) stone... it’s surrounded by 4 diamonds. Your Dad and I figured out that his astrology stone (he’s a Scorpio) is Citrine!! We think it’s a sign!!! I know, laugh all you want... but we’re hopeless romantics! Well.... your Mom is, anyway!

February 10, 2010:

When you're done eating your bottle, I wipe your mouth and you stick out your bottom lip and do the sweetest little pucker / smile with your eyes closed.... as if to say, “All good Mom... I’m full.” You appear to be the most satisfied little baby!

February 12, 2010: 

I’m literally watching you sleep on the video monitor... right now! You are the most adorable thing. You went to bed around 7:15... you’ve changed positions a few times but no big deal. All of a sudden, I look at the monitor and you are wide awake.... tossing and turning, flapping your arms as if you’re trying to fly. I was sure I’d have to come in and comfort you. Sure enough (because I’m convinced you’re the BEST BABY EVER), I look back at the monitor and you are sweetly petting your crib bumper.... feeling the embroidery with your tiny little fingers. You did so for about 30 seconds.... and then I look back... and you’re sleeping again. I swear Ava... there is NO baby in the world as sweet as you. I can’t wait till morning so I can see that bright smile again. I love you sweet girl. 

February 13, 2010:
Guess what?! I just figured out that you were born at EXACTLY 10 months! Pretty cool, eh? My pregnancy began on December 4th and you were born September 4th.

You’ve begun bringing your hands to my face, touching me... squeezing my facial features... petting me. It’s so cute! I feel like you’re trying to explore me. You do it to your Daddy too. In the morning when he leaves for work, he comes into your room where I’m rocking you, and gives you a kiss. You then grab both sides of his face and smile your smile... and bat those sparkley blues... as if to say, “Don’t go Dad! Stay here with Mom and me!” You also seem to be taking a big interest in the dogs! You watch them roam around, and you laugh at them... even when they’re just scratching their ears. You reached out tonight to touch Biscuit... and he let you pet him... which was a big step for him. You pet his nose and his neck, while smiling with delight! It was precious! 

You’re also turning over like crazy! It takes so much to keep you on your back long enough, just to change your diaper. It’s crazy... considering you just turned over about 9 days ago! You’re a seasoned veteran now. You’ve recently discovered your feet... you like trying to put them in your mouth. You often look at them... and your hands... in such wonder. It’s like you’ve discovered magic. I love you baby Ava. You are the light of my life. Every day with you, it’s indescribable. The love is so pure and so strong. I hope you always have the best life and are granted nothing but true happiness. Sweet dreams baby girl.

February 15, 2010: 
Ava you’re a model! Well, sort of. A friend of ours (Pauly) needed to take some shots for a his company and asked us if we would be his models. You did great!! We pretended that I was your babysitter... We did well considering you and I have a lot of experience!!!

February 17, 2010:

You’re starting to sit on your own.. with the help of me and your boppy! Which means now I have another activity to do with you during the day. I must admit, I’m running out of ideas. I’ll put you in your exersaucer for awhile.... then into your rainforest playmat... and then I will feed you and by then I usually repeat the circuit. Now that you are learning to sit, I can play with you and your toys on the floor, which is the most fun! Biscuit is even starting to come around... sitting near you and even giving you a kiss (or lick) every now and then. You are very in love with the doggies these days. You reach for them, and pet them... and boy do you smile! I think you’re still trying to figure out what they are!!

I feed you solids about twice a day now. Foods you love are sweet potatoes, pears & applesauce. You get excited now when I start mixing the foods with the cereal. I do have trouble keeping you focused though. You tend to do the exorcist move, where you head turns completely backwards as if you’re looking for something. By the time I get the food to your mouth, you turn your head and I get it in your ear! You are quite the mess by the time we’re all done. But we have fun with it!

Your teeth are beginning to give you trouble. I am not shy with giving you Tylenol though. I don’t want you to be uncomfortable. You’ve been waking up in the middle of the night.... multiple times. So I’ll go in and rock you for a bit until you nod off. You’re so sweet... I can’t resist picking you up out of that crib to comfort you. You always settle down immediately once I reach in and grab you. Sometimes when I go in your room I find you on your belly, sound asleep. It’s happening more and more lately... which means you’re beginning to sleep like your Daddy!

I bought a new camera so I can take even more pics of you! It’s a Canon Rebel xsi.... I feel like a professional! I get on the floor and roll around with you, snapping pics all the while. So far, I’ve gotten some good ones! I can’t stop taking pics of you!

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