Monday, December 28, 2009

My oh my!!! December has FLOWN BY!

Wow! I can't believe it's been a month since I've last posted about Ava! Time flies when you're having fun!
Dear Ava-
I’ve been putting you in “jail” lately. Each time you get a little bored, or fussy, I put your on your tummy for “Tummy Time”... this is to help you strengthen your neck muscles. I say to you, “Alrighty Ava, you did the crime.... now you do the time!” To me, it’s really funny... thinking of putting such a sweet little thing in “jail”.
You actually enjoy tummy time though. And boy, have you gotten good at it. I’ll lay you on the floor and you’ll manage to look all the way up at the TV, above the mantle.I love you so much that it really does make my heart ache. The love makes all the fussy feedings & late nite waking so worth it. You’ll just smile that smile, bat those beautiful eyes and I’m wrapped around your finger! You are so BEAUTIFUL. Your little face is perfection. When I give you your baths, you splash around now... And you’re grabbing things like crazy! You grab my shirts, toys, rattles, etc.... You also swat at your bottle, which makes me think you’re trying to hold it all by yourself.
You do such sweet whimpers in your sleep... I ask you “What’s wrong sweet girl? Did someone steal your milk?” ... and then you’ll whimper some more.It’s the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. I almost want to wake you up because I don’t want you to be sad for one second. You sound like a little kitty kat, meowing.... hence your new nickname, Kitty Kat.
You were baptized on December 13th. It just so happens that it was the same day that you turned 100 days old. Ironic! All of your Grandparents came into town... and from far away! Grandma Carol & Grandpa Bill came in on the train from Michigan; Grandma Judie & Grandpa Paul took the train in from Kansas City; and Papa Jim & Nana Norma came in on the train from Quincy. Seems as though the trains got a lot of business from our family! I made a lot of food/ snacks for everyone to snack on before the Baptism, as well as after.
Your Baptism started at 1:30 at St. Josaphat (the same church your Daddy & I were married at in September 2006). The service lasted about an hour (there was another baby girl being baptized, named Molly). It was a lovely ceremony... the priest (Father Mike) invited all of the family up to the font to witness the baptism... Most churches make you stay in your seats. Needless to say, it was a very personal baptism that all of your Grandparents (as well as Aunt Steph and my friend Jill) got to witness. You got many bibles as gifts from the family... you also got a lovely bracelet from your parents and Aunt Steph, as well as $300 to your college fund from your Godparents, Nana Norma & Papa Jim.
That night, we treated everyone to dinner at Capital Grille (the restaurant your Dad & I ate at the night before you were born). It was delicious! I had crab legs and your Dad had swordfish.
The next day, I met up with Nana Norma, Papa Jim and Aunt Steph at Macy’s... we waited in line so you could see Santa for about 40 minutes... However, we didn’t see an end in sight, so we left. You also laughed for the first time, a few weeks ago, while I was giving you your bath! It was the cutest giggle ever!! I tried getting you to laugh again today, but was only successful once. I hope you’ll begin to laugh a lot more often... it is toooo cute! You’re grabbing things like crazy! Your hand-eye coordination has improved dramatically over the last week or so,too. It’s incredible, to watch you develop these skills... You reach for things and hold on so tightly! You caress my hand while I feed you your bottle.... it’s like your patting me. Then you’ll take both of your little hands and put them on either side of your bottle, trying to hold it on your own. It’s too precious.