Friday, November 6, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Ava had two Halloween parties to attend!! Not bad for a Baby's First Halloween, eh?! One was at Ken's Oak Brook office and the other was a Baby Shower in Naperville. We dressed her as a Missouri Cheerleader for Ken's work party and as a baby elephant for Maggie's Shower. Mom came in for the weekend which made it extra special. It was also nice to have an extra set of hands to handle the little one! :)
Ava's been doing GREAT! She smiles all the time now... My favorite part of the day is going into her room in the morning. When I peer over her crib, she sees me and smiles the biggest smile... it melts my heart. Her little eyes sparkle, too.... it's enough to make me want to crawl in there with her!
I attended her 2 month Dr appointment today. She now weighs 11 pounds & 8 ounces, measuring 22 inches long. She has nearly doubled her birth weight... which I cannot believe! She's growing so fast. I want it to slow down. She had to get vaccinations today, too; they gave her 2 shots in EACH thigh. I thought I was going to die of guilt. She cried so hard and so loud... I don't ever want to hear that again... poor little thing. Apparently they want to repeat these vaccines at 4 months... well guess who won't be attending that one!! ME! Ken can endure the next one!

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kristalangmartin said...

she is so beautiful. i hate the shots, too, but i'd rather be there to comfort connor than to have him endure the pain without me! it's not fun but it's in his best least, that's what i tell myself!