Monday, March 15, 2010

Stupid buzzer on our dryer

Dear Ava- I wonder... is there a switch somewhere so i can turn off that obnoxious buzzer on our dryer?! It ALWAYS wakes you up... and for once, you're taking a nap that is longer than 30 minutes. Yep... you usually only nap for about 30 minutes. I don't complain about it because you're sleeping through the night... usually for about 11 hours. It is nice though, when you go down for a nap that is more than 30 minutes because it gives me the chance to get stuff done around the house. You're in your bed now, snoozing soundly. :) I hear you dreaming and stirring though... Looks like you'll be up and at em soon, ready to play!

I've been doing lots of shopping for our trip to Florida to visit Nana & Papa Jim. We're going down there from April 5-13th. You're going to be so stylish... I have nearly 2 dresses for you to wear each day.... and 3 swimsuits from Gymboree... and about 12 hats (of course you have a cowboy hat, silly!)!  We're getting our pics taken by Beth Wild (a friend of a friend). She takes AMAZING pictures!! We're going to have some of you by yourself, in all kinds of different outfits... and we'll do some family shots too. I can't wait!! She is so amazing!!  Beth Wild Photography  Best of all, we'll be nice and tan for the pics because she's taking them near the end of our trip.  Well you won't be tan... but your Dad & I will be!!  Ahh... to look human again!  I haven't had color since 2008.  NOT KIDDING!!  Last year, I was too worried about getting my tummy in the sun, considering you were stretching the skin so much!!!   So we're going to drive to Sarasota on that last day to have her take our photos.  Nana wants to come!!  Did I mention that Steph and Dulaney will be in FL too?  They're coming during the time that we're down there.  We're going to have so much fun with you girls!!  

This past weekend we got rid of our Crate & Barrell coffee table.  We had to.  It weighed about 200 lbs and was a huge piece of slate stone with sharp corners.  Given the fact that you're semi-mobile now, we're beginning to baby proof the big stuff.  As your Dad was taking it down the 3 flights of stairs (so we could put it in storage), he dropped the slate top and it broke into a million pieces.  He was so bummed.  He LOVED that table.  We didn't dwell on it though... I tried to put a positive spin on it and said, "Well at least you don't have to lug that big honker to the storage unit!".  So we went shopping for a new coffee table/ ottoman.  We found a leather one that the top flips up.  It's great because I can put your toys in it.  I am now in search of the perfect tray to put on top of it so we have a place for our drinkies.  :)  

Since you were born I've been working on keeping a journal about your growth, development... all the cute little things you do.  I've even put pics alongside the stories so you can one day look at it and have it as a keepsake.  I have a lot of grammatical errors and some stories need some elaboration, but here is a rough draft  The Story of Ava Jean

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kristalangmartin said...

All I can say is WOW! That book and the pictures are beautiful. :)