Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Pics from Beth Wild Photography in Sarasota, FL

We visited Nana & Papa a few weeks ago at their home in Florida.  It was a nice long vacation... 8 days of fun in the sun.  We got our pictures taken by Beth Wild while we were there (my friend Kristi Davis introduced me to her... and she takes AMAZING photos). Well, despite great planning, the day turned out to be a disastrous experience.  We forgot my clothes and had to turn around, got lost, ran out of gas, had to pull over twice for 2 diaper blowouts, etc.  We got there an hour late and had to get our pics taken at her studio because of the weather (we had planned for them in a beautiful park).  To top it off, Ava had surprised us with a terrible case of diaper rash and teething.  Ava was so unhappy and feeling so bad that she just cried the whole time.  

However... we got some GREAT pics!!  


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