Thursday, May 14, 2009

These are the kinds of showers I like!!

It's been a long standing joke within my family about how much I despise the process of getting ready... Starting with the shower, to the makeup, to the hair... the whole process just bores me and it takes so damn long.  I literally try to avoid the whole process as much as possible.  
Baby showers though.... I love!!  
I especially love baby showers when they're for my baby!  :)  Little Ava got showered with gifts at our first shower last Saturday.  Put on by my two friends, Cecily & Laura, it was a hit!  They had each of the girls, hard at work, designing tiny onesies for Ava... using plain white onesises and puffy paint.  We now have onesies that say "I got it from my Mama", "Sassy Pants", "Future Wine-O", etc.  We even have onesies with the Cubbies logo, Wonder Woman logo, and much more.  She is going to be one outspoken little girl when she comes out! 
I felt overwhelmed by the generosity of all the girls from work... especially considering I no longer work there (that's a whole different post that I've yet to write!).  I took home a hefty carload of things... everything from clothing, diapers, sheets, gear, bottles.. you name it, I got it!  It was also fun going back through all of the gifts with Ken, once we got home... explaining what each of the gadgets will do for Ava.  For now though, the items are in her closet, waiting until we get the furniture and other pieces so we can start organizing everything.  I'll admit... I keep sneaking in there though, to look at the little clothes and books, etc... so excited for everything to eventually have it's place.  In mid June, we will go to Quincy to get the baby furniture from my Sister.  She is giving us all of the items that she bought for Dulaney, but rarely used... I am so happy to have it!   We'll get her glider, crib, changing table... all white!
Below is a picture of the items we were given during the shower last Saturday.  Like I said.. The generosity was overwhelming!

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Krista said...

Wow! What a beautiful shower!