Thursday, May 21, 2009

Best Day

I bought a baby book for Ava when I first found out I was pregnant.  Every so often, I go and fill it out, writing details about my pregnancy.  It has sections where you can put pictures of the different months of pregnancy, the ultrasounds,  momentos, etc.  Well, when I was filling out the 5 month page yesterday, it asked me to describe my "Best Day".  I thought long and hard, trying to think of a day I could describe to Baby Ava.  Well, nothing came to mind. Sure, I've had good days. In fact, most days are good!  But nothing really stuck out as being my "best day".  So I closed the book and figured I'd just come back to it later.  
Well, today ended up being the "Best Day".  It didn't start out much different... I woke up around 6:15... fed the dogs and let them out.  Then I cooked Ken and I breakfast.  He left for work, so I picked up the house, watched a little TV and then ran some errands... nothing out of the ordinary. So what made it the best day?  Ken did.  He came home shortly after 5 with a dozen long stem roses... some of the most beautiful pink and red roses I've seen (and smelled!) in a long time.  We then went out on a date to one of my favorite places.  We finished up the evening with a long drive around the city... sun shining, windows down & 85 degrees.  
It was absolutely the Best Day :)


Krista said...

sounds perfect!

print girl inc said...

hi kristi... i was lingering on fb and saw you had a blog and i decided to pop by. yes may 21st was a gorgeous day and i'm glad you had such a fabulous day. i did that day as well, my ava turned 1 that day. crazy huh? looks like you had a great baby shower too! it just keeps getting better! glad to hear your pregnancy is going so well!!!

-stacy (shupe)