Thursday, March 25, 2010

Things that make me go GRRRRR....

Leaving the Doctor's office today, I drove down Diversey, excited about the lunch I was about to devour.  I had decided that I would be treating myself to Qdoba... one of my favorite fast food joints (mexican - of course!).  They had just opened a new location, just minutes from my house so I decided to stop there for a bite on my way home.  I pull into the lot (another thing that is rare for Chicago... 1- a parking lot and 2-it being free parking).  As I scan the lot I see one open space... that is being blocked because some idiot cannot park correctly and instead is parked diagonally, taking up 2 of the 10 spots.  I was so enraged that I honestly debated going inside to ask who's crappy car it was.  I mean, I could understand if it was a nice car... I seriously would empathize with that driver.  This guy however... terrible car...  Total-piece-of-crap-car.   I also debated leaving a nasty note on his nasty windshield but I didn't.  Instead, I went inside and scored a table by the window... with just enough room for Ava and I.  This way, I could sneer at that jerk when he got into his clunker to pull out of the 2 spots.

As I sat there, stuffing my face with that glorious mexican concoction, I began to think of all the things that really get on my nerves... and then wondered if they would bother other people.  Which leads me to this post... I've decided to list some (because I could never think of ALL of them) of the things that drive me batty.  Here goes:

  1. Homewreckers
  2. Gum smackers
  3. Slow drivers
  4. Static Cling
  5. Dog poo on the sidewalk
  6. Opening up a toy for Ava, so excited to use it and realizing it doesn't come with batteries
  7. Meter maids
  8. People that stare
  9. Stubbing my toe
  10. People that talk with their mouth full
  11. Drivers that text
  12. People that cough without covering their mouth
  13. My dogs beginning to bark as soon as Ava goes down for a nap
  14. Drivers that don't use signals
  15. The smell inside of cabs
  16. Car salesmen
  17. Insomnia
  18. Having an empty wine glass
  19. People that steal my fries
  20. Bums begging for change when I stop to get my daily coffee
  21. Dogs begging for food while I eat
  22. Car alarms
  23. Sitting in front of a loud popcorn eater at the theatre (I think this is my BIGGEST grrrrr)
  24. Girl next to me on a cell phone while I'm trying to enjoy my manicure/ pedicure
  25. People driving while talking on the phone
  26. people that dont use punctuation
  27. People that talk about themselves in the 3rd person on Facebook (you know who you are)
  28. Tuna salad
  29. Kanye
  30. When my water or tea comes and there's a lemon wedge on the glass 
Now, I'm not one that likes to dwell on the bad... so I thought I would list some of my favorite things.  
  1. The way Ava smells when she wakes up from a nap
  2. The love of my life, telling me I'm beautiful
  3. Sunshine 
  4. The way Ava smells after a bath
  5. Date night
  6. Ava's facial expression when trying a new food
  7. Dogs keeping my feet warm with their heads
  8. The way I feel after a good workout
  9. The way I feel when I skip a workout
  10. Christmas Eve
  11. The way Ava's morning breath smells
  12. The smell at midnight mass
  13. Hitting all green lights
  14. Hearing Ava giggle
  15. Ellen
  16. Ava sleeping in my arms
  17. New Carmex
  18. New socks
  19. Back rubs
  20. The smell of baby powder
  21. My wedding dress
  22. When I try on my jeans and they're loose
  23. Napping with Ava
  24. Maui
  25. Champagne
  26. I love that Ava smells like cherry fruit roll ups
  27. Puppies
  28. Puppy breath
  29. Starbucks
  30. Not wishing for anything more than what I already have
Did you learn anything new about me?  Are you still awake?  :)  

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