Sunday, February 19, 2012

Something for your tastebuds

While snooping around on Pinterest, I came across a delicious looking appetizer: Bacon wrapped pineapple. It sounded so good, my mouth literally started to water.

Why do you care? I'll get to that...

You see, I was responsible for bringing an appetizer to our monthly paddle tennis group, so I thought, what a great opporunity to make this tasty little nugget?! After all, who doesn't love anything that is surrounded with bacon?! I knew it would be a hit... especially with the guys (I think Ken ate around 12 or so).

I should first give credit to Aunt Nubby's Kitchen Blog, because that's where I found the recipe (via Pinterest).

I followed the directions perfectly and found that there should be some modifications to make this particular recipe even more delicious! Here goes...

First of all, leave out the brown sugar. The pineapple is oozing with so much sugar already-- the brown sugar makes the overall flavor entirely too sweet. And second, unless you like your bacon smacking you in the face like a rubberband, you need to flip them over halfway through the cooking process, and cook them longer. Following her directions, the bites weren't great; the tops were cooked but the bottoms were still chewy and fatty.

After I flipped and cooked them a little longer, they were great (despite being overly sweet).

Oh, and more importantly, line your cookie sheet with aluminum foil. The brown sugar literally molded itself onto the pan during the broiling process-- had to throw it out because it was impossible to get off.

They were a hit at the party to say the least! There were only 2 left from a pan full of 2 lbs of bacon. :) Now that I've perfected them I'll be sure to bring 3 lbs next time!

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