Monday, March 2, 2009

Biscuit & Ken

Certain people, are just pet people.  You know, those people that have that special way with animals.  I'm sure you know what I mean.  Like how a person can make absolutely no effort toward an animal, yet the animal's instinct tells them that they have found a trustworthy friend; the dog will be quick to wag their tail and snuggle up to this newfound friend.
Ken and Biscuit are that way with one another.  
I was the one that drove the hour trip to the Kennel.  I was the one that looked into the sad eyes of Biscuit, and chose him over all of the other adorable, whining lab pups.  I was the one that brought him home for a nice warm bath.  I was the one that fed him his first homemade meal.  Within those first few hours, we had quite the little bond... That is, until Ken walked in the door.  Something about those two... they just clicked.  It's as if they're kindrid spirits, friends from a past life.  
Each night, Biscuit curls up next to Ken, usually laying his head across Ken's chest, while Ken sits effortlessly, focused on the TV... and not the dog.  Meanwhile, Willy and I sit on our end of the couch, snuggled with one another... feeling like the last two players left on the field after the captains have picked their teams.  Yep, that's me and Willy over there... looking upon Ken and B.  We're the odd men out in this house.  


Krista said...

adorable! :) and i know the feeling! ;) wait till you have little baby G around!

Dennis said...

very cute. every blog I go to now has a floating fetus. they are taking over the world.