Sunday, July 26, 2009

I may give birth to a burrito bowl

A question I'm commonly asked about is food cravings. I must say, I haven't had any out of the ordinary cravings. Mostly, I just crave a larger quantity of what I would normally eat.
With that said, I've always been a HUGE fan of mexican food. In fact, throughout this pregnancy, Ken and I will venture around Chicago on Friday nights, in search of a new mexican restaurant to try. So far, we've run into a couple great spots! Now, most guys would probably be bored of this little weekly adventure. But for Ken, it has its perks. Like for instance: when the waiter comes to take our drink order, Ken will order a pitcher of Top Shelf Margaritas. He drinks this pitcher. All. By. Himself. The part he likes even better is that he now has his very own chauffeur to drive him home... his sober, pregnant wife. I'm not complaining... I know I'll have the chance to pay back the favor. In fact, I'm already craving my first margarita... That is one drink I definitely miss.
I'm not always so fortunate to have a good looking lunch date though. When hunger hits during the weekday and I'm alone & craving some yummy mexican food, I usually hit up Chipotle for a Burrito Bowl. Last week I went there 3x for lunch. CRAZY. And the weird part is that I never get sick of it. I laugh sometimes because I think I may actually give birth to a little burrito.

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Krista said...

we need to live closer together - margaritas, margaritas, margaritas! Let Ken know that paybacks are a b*tch so he needs to drink up while he can! :)