Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Nursery: A work in progress!

Clearly we have a long way to go until Ava's room is ready. But I thought I'd show what we've gotten done so far.   Too bad, the pics make the wall color look like vomit.  It's actually a minty color....?

We picked up the furniture a few weeks ago and I've been slowly organizing putting things in their place. I am amazed at how quickly the clothes begin stacking up! We still have a long
way to go.... need to hang shelves, artwork and pictures on the walls.

We have our last shower in August. After that we'll buy the remaining items on the registry... and the room will definitely be on its way to being complete. I love everything in there thus far! Sometimes I go and stare at some of her tiny outfits... imagining the little arms and legs that will soon fill them out.

I'm 31 weeks now. Just 9 more weeks to go. I am hoping to go into labor closer to the 36/ 37 week mark, but we'll just have to wait and see.

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Krista said...

ADORABLE! I lovae the green and pink.