Monday, May 17, 2010

Dear Ava....

May 16, 2010:
Wow, so much has happened since I last wrote to you, Ava!  We took a trip to Quincy to visit Nana and Aunt Steph.  You and I took the train and stayed there for 4 days!  While we were there, we had lots of fun!  You got to swing in a baby swing for the first time... and you LOVED it!  You cried when I tried to take you out!  

You and I napped together in bed a lot during our visit.  I just love sleeping with you.  You snuggle up perfectly in the crook of my arm.  You throw your arm over my tummy and sleep so peacefully.  Every now and then you’ll startle and stiffen up but then you just fall back asleep.  You’re so sweet.  

While we were there you met Nana’s neighbor boy, Noah.  You really liked him.  You liked him so much, you leaned forward a few times to give him a kiss.   It was so cute!  We got pictures and video of you doing it! 


We took you to Aunt Steph’s workplace so we could show you off to all of her friends!  Boy you brightened their day!  You were so cute in your leapard headband with the hot pink flower!  You just smiled at everyone, melting their hearts! 

The weekend after our visit to Quincy was Mother’s Day!  I was so excited to be celebrating my very first Mother’s Day!!  Your Daddy did a GREAT job at making me feel extra special!  He gave me 3 dozen roses, a card from the 2 of you and a gorgeous cabinet to keep all of my jewelry.  We went to mass that morning at St. Josaphat (the same church that we were married at... and where you were baptized).  During mass you fell asleep on my chest.  It was precious.   

After mass, we went to brunch at Branch 27.  Your dad had made reservations earlier that week for us to have a special table, right by the window. After brunch, we went home and took you to the park so you could swing.  Your Dad didn’t know how much you loved it until he saw for himself!  You just giggle with so much happiness with each and every push.  Not all kids smile like you do... they tend to just sit there, staring off into space.  Not you though!!  Happy girl!

You continue to flip your wrist toward your mouth, as if you’re trying to conduct an orchestra..  I think you do it when you’re trying to tell me you want milk.  I’m serious!!  I think you’re trying to communicate!  I read in a sign language book that babies will make up their own signs.  You’re sooo smart Ava!!  It’s very cute.  Here's a clip of you doing it while in Florida... Pay no attention to your Dad's perverse attempts with the camera!

You can now put yourself back into a sitting position from your belly.  This is considered another milestone.  You’ve also started pulling yourself up on your knees.  You do it all the time in your crib.  You're also pulling up onto your feet.  It's scary because I worry about you falling over and getting bruises.  I guess a few bumps never really hurt anybody!  

Days are getting warmer now so we’ve been able to get out a lot more.  You wake up each day around 6:30... you’ll play in the living room after eating some fruit around 7:00.  You go down for your morning nap around 8:30 and will sleep anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours!  After you wake up, we venture outside to either go for a walk or to the gym.  We’ll grab lunch while we’re out but then need to head home because you go back down for another nap at 1:00.   When you wake up from that nap, we sometimes run errands or go for another walk outside.  Some days you decide to take a third nap... some days you don’t.  You’re going to bed now around 7:30 and are sleeping through the night without any problems.  Some nights I’ll wake up at 3:00 AM and I’ll see you in your crib (through the video monitor), sitting up and just talking and playing by yourself in your crib.  It’s so cute.  Part of me feels like I should go in and get you... but all of the books I’ve read say it’s healthy for you to soothe yourself back to sleep.  So I watch you play and before I know it, both you and I have fallen back asleep.  

We have a little game you like to play.  I sneak up behind you while you’re on your tummy... and I make these little “I’m gonna get you moans”.... and you turn and smile that HUGE smile and then you nuzzle your head into my cheek, with your mouth wide open.  I think you’re trying to give me a kiss but I ‘m not sure!  I love it!!  You do it each time I sneak up on you!

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