Friday, June 18, 2010

Being a "fan" on Facebook has its perks!

It's pretty well known how much I love Ellen Degeneres.  I think she's incredibly funny and I adore her humor.  I became a fan of hers on Facebook which allows me to receive posts about her show, upcoming shows and also about special appearances.  On Tuesday I received a Facebook message from Ellen... mentioning that her staff would be at The Bean, giving away a few VIP tickets to her Chicago show "Ellen's Somewhat Special Special".

With Ava it would be impossible for me to make it to The Bean.  So I called Ken.  He couldn't squeeze it in.  Then I called Jill.  Good ole' Jill.  She works just 2 blocks from The Bean.  Luckily, her schedule allowed her to run over there to try and get a few of the tickets.  She grabbed two of her friends from work and headed over to try and get a few of the tickets.

It was mayhem!  People were there with signs and costumes... Needless to say, my hopes of Jill getting tickets were pretty much crushed.  As it turns out, Jill's two friends from work were two of the 8 people to get tickets.  I had Jill beg them to let me buy them. Little angels!  They agreed to hand over the tickets for $50 each.  Woo hoo!!!  I was speechless... pacing the condo like a schoolgirl!

We got to the show and COULD NOT believe how incredible our seats were.  We were 4th row... 4TH ROW!  The stage was RIGHT FREAKING THERE!  Plus I was right on the aisle! Jill and I think we will definitely be on camera considering the camera guy was in our face a million times, filming our reactions to everything.

It was time for the show to start!!  Ellen came out and was so beautiful!  Her outfit (suit with untied bowtie) was super cute, too.  I'm pretty sure we made eye contact at least twice ;-)

During her show, she had a bunch of cool guests, doing all sorts of neat tricks/ acrobats.  She had a pretty funny comedian from Chicago, too.  We were getting ready to see the next act come on when all of a sudden, 4 of the the star Blackhawks players come on stage... hoisting up the Stanley Cup!!!!!  Everyone went nuts! The Blackhawks song came on and everyone was singing!  They then walked down the aisles, holding up the cup... I FREAKING TOUCHED THE STANLEY CUP!  Then Brower gave me a "high five"!  I was awestruck.

The show ended with a performance by Lady Antebellum.  They were incredible!  I had the best time and am so happy I FINALLY got to see her live.  I can now scratch something off of my Bucket List! 

The show will air on TBS on Sunday, June 27th. 


print girl inc said...

that is awesome.... i'm truly jealous!!!

Judi Oettle said...

I am so glad you had a great time, Kristi, and I will definitely be looking for you when I watch Ellen's TBS special!!!