Sunday, June 20, 2010

I still think of you

Today is Father's Day. It's been 12 years now that you've been gone.  I think of you all the time.... and sadly, I also forget things about you each day.  I forget the sound of your voice.  I forget your smell.  Your hands.  That is, until I watch a video of you.  Then it all comes back.  You were such a proud Dad.  You cheered for "Goose" (me) with such pride and love.

Days go by and life is different, now.  I'm a big girl.  I live in a big city.  I have a husband.  I even have a little girl of my own.  You would love her, Dad.  She has your chin... and beautiful blue eyes.  You would love Ken, too.  He loves me just like you did... so strong, so protective and so pure.  

I want you to know, that you always made me proud... each and every day.  You were the strongest, sweetest, most entertaining & most amazing Dad a girl could wish for.  I may not have had the quantity of years that some girls get with their Dads... but I was certainly lucky enough to get the quality.  I miss you each day, Dad.  I love you.  Thank you for watching over us.  


kristalangmartin said...

Very sweet :)

jennifer said...

Love this Kristi.. You look like your DAD!!! xo. btw, love all the pics of cute Ava.

Greg's Girl said...

you are an awesome person kristi! i admire you for all that you have accomplished!