Wednesday, July 27, 2011

25 Weeks: Moving right along

... but boy, November sure seems like eons away! I seriously feel like we are light years away from winter which makes me feel like I'll be pregnant 4-EVA (Mark Wahlberg reference anyone?!). The only good thing about the fact that I've got 4 more months ahead of me is that I can keep eating Ramen noodles and ice cream at the pace that Charlie Sheen does blow-- non-freakin-stop! Holla!

Ava has taken to my diet of ramen and ice cream, too (or "eye cream" as she calls it). She has been very artistic lately... demanding to paint with her watercolors or to color with her "mar-mers" (markers). Thank God they're "washable". Not sure what our parents did to get that crap off our grubby little fingers when we were little. Turpentine? Perhaps.

Picasso, hard at work

She is just a wee-bit happy

Helping Mommy hold the "25 Weeks" sign

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Stacia said...

aww you look so cute. so does ava! and i totally want your tan. we have a whole shit ton of skin cancer in our family and i'm terrified of it so i'm a whitey. i wish i had millions to get spray tans. but not the kind where i have to go somewhere to get it, i want a bitch to come to me and spray me... yeah... tha'd be nice.