Thursday, July 14, 2011

Reason #873 for why I dislike mosquitoes

Poor kid
We decided to have a little fun in the a yard last night. We got the sprinkler out and let the little booger run wild.

When we came in for her bath I noticed she had a bug bite on her eyelid, right on her brow. It was pink but nothing that alarmed us. So into the bath she went and soon after, she was tucked away in bed.

This morning, I woke up to a kid that looked like she got socked by Mike Tyson.

My poor sweet baby. She looked so pitiful. It didn't slow her down one bit though; she was up to her old antics of jumping off the couch, climbing onto the counters, watching TV, etc.

We got some meds (the bubble-gum-flavored antibiotic I remember as a child) from her Dr which will hopefully help her. She is sleeping soundly now and I can only pray she wakes up with an eye that looks a little less like a gargantuan golf ball.

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Mrs. B said...

OMG,poor Ava!! It looks painful. Glad she's taking it well.