Tuesday, July 5, 2011

RIP sweet baby Caylee

As I look at this picture, I cannot help but see the similarities between sweet little Caylee and my own daughter Ava. Ava is just about the age that Caylee was when she went missing.

How could someone do something to such an innocent sweet child? Look at that face. Those little hands. It makes my heart weep from sadness for that poor child and her poor life that was stolen far too soon. It makes me physically sick.

I for one think the jury made a grave mistake, letting Casey Anthony off on the charges of first degree murder. If I had been one of the jurors, she would not be walking out of the prison alive. Her days would be numbered. And her way of death would be the same way that she murdered her sweet innocent child.

Unfortunately, that is not going to happen. At least we can rest assured that she will get her own judgement from God, and I certainly hope he takes NO mercy. And I doubt I will be the first to say, I hope she meets him sooner than later.

RIP sweet baby Caylee. You did not get the justice you deserved.

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