Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Something for your sweet tooth

It's that time of year again. I have started planning Ava's 2nd birthday! I've decided the theme for this year will be Mickey Mouse-- something I chose because she won't be baby-ish for much longer, which means I won't be able to get away with a Mickey theme as she gets older.

I am making the invitations by hand, which I will post pics of later... it's a labor of love, let me tell you. But I have to say, they are darling.

And last weekend, I ordered her birthday dress which is so darn cute, I can barely stand it.

As I'm sitting here, looking online for some fun cake ideas, I decided to check out Sweet Mandy B's website (where we ordered her cake last year).  Lo and behold, there is Ava's cake that I had designed for her 1st birthday! See, I knew it was cute!! :)

Anyway, if you live in Chicago and have the chance to hit up Sweet Mandy B's, I highly suggest you stop in for a treat (their red velvet cupcakes deserve a moment of silence). Scratch that. Stopping by is not a suggestion, it's a must!

That birthday cake will forever hold a special place in my heart (and ever growing rear end). I say that because it was easily the most decadent, rich and amazing thing I have ever eaten in my life. Don't worry about the fact that it cost an arm and a leg. It was worth every penny!

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Calandra Janocha said...

In our family, we always top off a birthday celebration with a nice cake. For my nephew's second birthday last January, we ordered a Lightning McQueen cake. Ha ha! Everybody had a wonderful time, especially those who had a sweet tooth. :)