Sunday, September 4, 2011

Hoppy Upday Abe-a!

In the words of Taylor Swift, I had the BEST DAY with our girl today. She officially turned two and our little family of three had a blast. We hit Monkey Bizness this morning for some extreme playtime and then went to Portillo's for lunch. After that, we came home and took a 2 hour nap. HOLLA!!! When we woke up we went to the store to pick up some yummy steaks (Ava's favorite meal) for dinner and then came home to grill out. We played/ worked in the yard before dinner and then it was time to eat and have cake/ sing "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" for the 218th time of the day. If you ask me, she had a wonderful day, constantly saying "Hoppy Upday Abe-a!". Here are some pics & video of our great day!

Birthday breakfast, complete with heart-shaped (sort of) pancakes!
Kisses for Daddy
... and Mommy!
Time for cake!
"Birthdays are AWESOME!"
"I wanna blow the candles out again!"
After stopping at Starbucks, we walked over to the "train trakth" so she could see a train pull into the station.

It's been the best 2 years of my life. Who knew such a tiny little thing could bring so much joy to those that love her, especially her parents? I'm counting my blessings tonight, that is for sure.


Marge Grauso said...

LOVED watching the video of Ava ripping open the gifts I sent for her and Jack...thanks for posting it. I can't resist buying those crazy little clothes. But my VERY FAVORITE photo was the one with the dogs looking in the glass door from outside...just wishing they could stick their paws in that cake with Ava. Sweet, sweet, sweet!
Love, Marge

ForeverAmour said...

Those pics are too cute! So glad to see she had a happy birthday!

I see your on pinterest too. Im going to start following you when I get home. I just did a post today on actually putting some of my pins to good use. :)

Stacia said...

aaaww love.... happy birthday ava jean!!!