Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Got wood? He sure does!
This Friday, Ken and I will celebrate our 5 year wedding anniversary. We plan on going to an adults-only dinner at Gibson's. I'm so excited -- I'm already looking at the menu, deciding what I will eat. Translation: Me= pregnant fatty.

He mentioned to me last week that 5 years is the year of "wood" (Wedding Anniversary Gift Guide). How the hell did he know this?!? No offense to the guy but he's not exactly a planner when it comes to these sort of things. Anyway, when he asked what I wanted out of wood, with a mischievous look on his face, I asked, "Is this a trick question???"

Avoiding the obvious, perverted response (the response he wanted to hear)-- I replied "I think I would prefer an addition to the house. That's made of wood, right?". Impressed with my creativity, he asked if he could get an extension on that one. I obliged. I then asked him what he would like.

"How about a cane?" I suggested. "You'll probably need one in a year or two anyway, right?" I said, smiling. He did the ol' shoulder shrug with the face that says, "Eh... probably".

Poor guy. The abuse he puts up with. :-/

So here I am now, trying to find a gift for the man who (A) already has everything and (B) has zero hobbies (unless you count sleeping and drinking). The more I think about it, the better the cane is beginning to look. I am open to hearing any and all ideas. The clock is ticking. No pressure. GO!


Erin Waverley said...

Does Ken smoke cigars? You could get him a humidor (they are made of wood!) and fill it with some great cigars. There are some really beautiful ones out there. I got one for Boyd one year and he loved it!

Mrs. B said...

Give him a toothpick at Gibson's when he's done eating his steak. Wood. Done.