Friday, September 2, 2011

Not Bad For a First Timer

Ken came home on Wednesday carrying something behind his back. He had a funny look on his face so I asked him what was up...?

Ken: I've got something you're gonna like.
Kristi: Awe, did you bring me flowers?!?!? That's so nice!!!
Ken: (whips out a jinormous zucchini from behind his back) No! Look! Pete (from work) gave it to me. You can make zucchini bread!
Kristi: What the hell is that thing?!
Ken: A zucchini! Isn't it huge?!
Kristi: Yeah, it's huge! But... I've never even eaten zucchini bread, let alone made it. It sounds gross.
Ken: Well you can figure it out, right?! Besides, it's SO good!
Kristi: So let me get this straight. You brought me a grizzly bear size vegetable that you expect me to bake into a bread that I've never even had before-- and sounds completely disgusting?! Wow. You really know me all too well. Thanks.

So after staring at the zucchini-saurus for a day or so, I figured-- What the hell?! I'll give it a whirl!! I searched and came across a recipe that got umpteen 5-star reviews so I went for it.

It hadn't occured to me to take a picture of the gargantuan zucchini until long after I had chopped up the monster. To give you an idea of the size of the thing, I found this pic:
Yep. That looks about right.

This particular zucchini bread recipe called for only 2 cups of shredded zucchini-- which meant, we had WAY too much. So I ended up making 2 batches (4 loaves). We plan on delivering them to a few of our neighbors as a little thank-you-treat for all they've done to welcome us. I know, I know-- you SO want to be our neighbor right now, don't you?!

Well, an hour or so later, the bread was done and I will admit, the house smelled AMAZING-- very bakery-esque.  I took it out of the oven and all of a sudden, Ken was standing there, holding his knife ready to start slicing and gulping. After fending him for about 5 minutes, I let him after it. Ava saddled up to the table for her share, too.

"More, Mom!! More!!"
It was INCREDIBLE. OUT-OF-THIS-FRIGGIN-WORLD-YUMMO-LICIOUS. Still warm, we slathered it in butter, and started scarfing. Ava loved it too!!! "Yum yum yum!" she said, with bread flying out of her mouth.

Now I'm struggling-- how can I part with the other 3 loaves?! I want to eat every last bit of it. Besides--it's not like the neighbors know what I've been up to all morning; they wouldn't even know what they're missing-- but I would! Perhaps I'll decide later on whether or not to part with my new lovely loaves. Until then, I'll be stuffing my hormonal face with the first loaf!

Want the recipe? $5. Ha! Just kidding! Here it is: Mom's Zucchini Bread. Enjoy!

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