Sunday, August 8, 2010

Happy Baby!

Here are some recent favorites of our HAPPY GIRL!! I wish I could still call her a baby, but she's grown into her own little person now. It's crazy to look at her newborn photos and realize that it is the same, walking, babbling and giggling little girl. It's simply amazing how she's morphed into such a beautiful little sweetie.

Swinging at the park

So happy to share her cereal with the doggies

Strollin' to Starbucks

At the splashpad!

"OMG. That is OOC."

Smiley Cyrus

"Hey Mom... ya mind turning me away from the sun??? It's a little bright out here."

At "The Bean"

She was less than impressed.

At the Hancock Building on the 96th floor.

"I just scored the BEST deal at Barney's!"

"Hey Mom... come and snuggle with me!"

Little sweetie. Sitting in the hallway, reading her book.

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