Wednesday, August 18, 2010

We made an offer!!!!!!

I returned home yesterday, from an overnight stay at the hospital (still dealing with difficulties from my kidney biopsy). Mom came up in the morning to help Ken with Ava... thank God she's got a 2nd home in Quincy. Otherwise, those would be some expensive flights from FL! :)

Anywaaaaaaaaay.... Ken and I made our 3rd trip to the 'burbs last weekend to do more house-hunting. We saw a few new ones and also visited 3 of our favorites (that we had seen in the weeks prior). We just KNEW it was the one when we walked in (for the 3rd time!). It has EVERYTHING we need. It's 5 bedrooms, 3.5 baths, built in 2005, sits on 1/2+ acres and is in the Hinsdale School District. It's PERFECT. The yard is unusally large... which would allow for us to put in a gorgeous pool (down the road of course), a nice sized swingset, and still enough room to house a few horses (we are NOT getting horses, just giving you an idea of the yard size). Hmmmm, ya know... the horse idea DOES give me some fun ideas for the kids' birthday parties though... pony rides will be do-able in this place! Eeeeeek! It even has a "Mother in Law" suite... So when Ya Ya Norma comes to stay (or any other welcome guests), she's got privacy.

With all of that said, we made an offer last night! We received our documents from our realtor (19 pages)... that we were to sign/ initial and send back. Well, our printer only allows you to scan one page at a time. So, 2 hours later, he received all of our paperwork, earnest money & pre-approval from our broker. He said we should hear back from the seller by the end of the day, today.

I do feel that we'll be going back and forth with the seller, regarding price, but I can't believe that we took the leap and are (one way or another) going to be suburbanites in 45 days or less! So exciting!

It's a bittersweet feeling, saying goodbye to the MOST beautiful city in the country. I've lived downtown for 10 years now. It's not like we'll be far (30 minutes or so), but it just won't be the same. There are pros and cons to that though! See ya later parking tickets! Adios ridiculous tax rates! Siyanara walking up to the third floor, holding a baby and groceries! Hasta la vista calling the cops at 2 am because the renters next door are waking up my sweet baby with their parties! And hello to my new Costco membership (bc we FINALLY have storage!), to putting up a Christmas tree (because we'll finally have room), to having a garage (no more scraping off all that snow), having a yard to let the dogs run and get the exercise they deserve! There are too many "pros" to count without me getting extremely giddy. Cons: our long morning walks to get coffee and take Ava to one of the many parks that are just blocks from our condo, walking to and from bars/ restaurants, deciding last minute to walk up to Wrigley and buy tickets for a Cubs game and spending the day drinking beer, cheering on our boys.

Until we hear back, I've got my toes, fingers, legs, arms & eyes crossed that all of this will work out in our favor.

Oh yeah, I have all of the pics of the house... but I'm too superstitious to put them up, for fear that I'll jinx us. Till the next post... :)

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