Monday, September 13, 2010

Good stuff goin' on!

Things are CRAZY around here!! We are literally upside down, sideways and spinning with activities. With the upcoming move next month we're... wait, let's be realistic... I am in the process of taking care of the "details". Getting quotes from movers, finding boxes, planning the new space/ getting the basic furniture (or as we call it... the Tier 1 Stuff). The tier 2 & tier 3 things will come later... as they are all the "other details"... accessories, spare bedroom furniture, etc... he likes to use the word "details".... can ya tell???

We are getting things straightened up around here... repairing, removing, etc... so by the time we move out, we can get the pros in here to paint/ stage as necessary to get this place off the balance sheet. It has served as a lovely home to us for 6 years now. But it's time. We are BUSTING at the seams. And now, with all of the gifts from Ava's 1st birthday, we're even more crowded. I'm starting to store things in the back stairwell (don't tell the fire dept). I think the dogs know something is up, too. They're more hyper than ever... and will NOT stop barking... ever. So, they may find themselves on the corner of our block by the weekend with signs around their necks saying "Please take me home... there wasn't enough room on the moving truck".

To add to the crazy move, we've got some fun stuff coming up. We're going to see Dave Matthews this Saturday at Wrigley. We have VIP tickets (whatever that means) and are going with some fun people so I'm really looking forward to it, especially since I haven't seen him since college. Then on the 30th, we'll celebrate our 4th anniversary. Not sure what is in store for that yet... But I wish we could celebrate it in our new home. Who knows....? Maybe it will all come together by then.

Gotta go... things need to be done... and this empty wine glass is priority numero uno.

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