Friday, September 17, 2010

Start packin' Ava!

That's right! Get movin' sister! Don't worry... we're coming, too.

Pending final approval from our bank, we have ourselves a house ladies and gents. We are expecting the bank to turnaround the approval by early next week... which will (with the seller's approval) allow us to move into OUR HOME. I can't believe it. We might very well be in by the end of the month... which just happens to be our anniversary.  I can see it now... us eating pizza on the living room floor, toasting to our 4th year of marriage and to our new home (think.. Sixteen Candles... when Jake is about to kiss Sam over the flaming birthday candles).  Makes me ooze with cheesiness.  I frigging love it!

There is so much to do and I have SO many questions. With the closing date up in the air, how in the heck do we get cable/ internet hooked up? Lord knows I can't go an hour without staring at this damn computer screen. And, what about gas & electric? And how on earth do we find out when trash pick up is... besides just waiting to see when the neighbors put their trash out? Aye aye aye!  I don't even have a clue as to where the nearest gas station is, in relation to the house.  So much to learn.  

Moving to a new town feels like such a fun adventure. This will be the first home that Ken and I picked out together.  The condo was his... we literally started dating on the day he closed.  So... as much as this has been our home, I look forward to our "second home"... We will get to start the next encounter as a family now.  It's scary because we don't know anyone but I hope that will change soon, as I have been offered to be introduced to friends-of-friends who live in the area.  And if we're not so lucky in the friend-finding arena, then a few of you will just have to come out and party with us/ crash in the spare bedrooms.  

I began packing last night.  I filled two large boxes and feel like I haven't even made a dent.  I suppose this is normal.  I guess I never realized how much stuff one could pack into a 1200 sqft condo... and we are about to find out.  A lot more boxes are going to be needed to pack up this collection of things that we've acquired over the last 6 years.  Not to mention, all the stuff in storage (xmas tree, furniture, mattresses).  We have ourselves a big job ahead of us.  And with me home during the days, you can probably guess who will carry the brunt of it.  At least I won't be responsible for getting all the boxes/ furniture downstairs and onto the moving truck.  That's why the movers get paid the big bucks.  I hope they're exercising their quads right now because these stairs are going to give them a run for their money.  

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