Friday, September 10, 2010

We survived the 1st year!!!!

What a blast! We had so much fun celebrating Ava's first birthday over the weekend. So many of our wonderful friends and family came.... and played along with the Cowgirl theme, by dressing up in the props I purchased (sheriff badges, cowboy hats, mustaches, etc). It was so cute. Think Hee-Haw... on crack.
Ava did great... walked around in her cowboy boots, charming everyone with the enormous bow that YaYa made to match her cowgirl dress, and that HUGE smile. So cute. She got some super-fun gifts and some adorable outfits. The new toys have been keeping her busy... which is nice because to her, the old toys are old news.

It was an amazing first year. I wasn't sure there at the beginning if I had what it takes to raise a child. Even I surprised myself. She makes it easy though. She smiles through 99% of the day makes so many people gush with love for her. I read somewhere that the meaning of the word Ava is "to spread joy". Sounds just right.

Here are some pics... most were taken by our great friend Pauly (shot our engagement pics too). He got some great ones of the cowpokes! 

On the morning of her birthday, they showed her picture on NBC5. They showed her last of all the kids. Isn't there a saying... "save the best for last"...? Just sayin... :)

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Krista said...

What a beautiful baby girl and such great memories. You put together a helluva party for your little one! :)