Thursday, September 9, 2010

Guilty & blessed in 15 minutes

After a long morning of errands in the burbs, Ava finally nodded off for her 1:00 nap... Problem is, we were like 15 min from home when she finally fell asleep... and no, she does not continue sleeping if you take her out of her seat; instead, she wakes up and acts as if she had a 2 hour nap. So what do I do??? I pull into the Sports Authority/ TJ Maxx/ McDonald's lot (on Fullerton) and decide that I will... cover your ears... recline the seat and get some shuteye myself.

It was about 5 minutes after I put the car in park, that a douche with his blasting bass decided to park RIGHT NEXT TO ME. I mean, c'mon... Eazy E at this hour?!! There are at least 100 other spots for you to park.... that are actually close to the stores! 

So... I put the car in drive and mosey on over to what appears to be a quiet spot. Recline ensues.

Then i hear it. Reeeeeowwww!! Reeeeeooooowww!! Sirens galore. I look up to see what the commotion is about. Apparently, at the intersection of the parking lot (that I'm trying to nap), a guy on a bike got hit by a car.... and was laying on the road, bleeding... all over. Cops are everywhere... ambulances... firetrucks. Put it this way, nobody (and I mean NOBODY was going anywhere fast). They had the entire intersection at a hault. People who couldn't see were honking, screaming, etc. It was mass chaos.

About 15 minutes after all the noise stopped, I put the seat back in the recline position, excited to FINALLY get a little rest... I looked over at Ava.... who was now staring me straight in the face with a huge (and very awake) smile.

And so it goes.... No rest for the weary. But... I do feel very blessed to have a happy baby... and that WE weren't the ones involved in that accident.

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