Thursday, May 12, 2011

Sprinkling in some fun!

Yesterday was SOOOOOO hot! We decided to let the girls have their play-date outside! I got out the mini pool and our little sprinkler so Ava & Maddie could cool off while Jen and I got to sit in the sun & catch up. The girls were so darling! They had the best time!  Makes me giddy with excitement for the rest of the summer. 

I'll go if you go!
Giggling girls
Having fun in the sun
Yep. That's my kid, alright!
I can already see these two-- 20 years from now-- getting in a boat load of trouble. 
Like Mother like Daughter
Cracking up over sharing their juice.
So proud to be sharing
Little guzzler 
"Buh bye air pane!"
All that exercise calls for a snack! Chips n' salsa it is!
Slumber party!

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