Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Wait a minute Mr. Postman!

Ding dong went the bell. I went downstairs to answer the door, and there he was, the Postman.

Kristi: Hello Sir (in my chipper, neighborly voice)! What can I do for ya? 
Postman: (all crabby and old) I need $0.20
Kristi: $0.20? What for?
Postman: (Holds out a letter, addressed to Ken) This was mailed to you without a stamp. I need $0.20 in order to give it to you.
Kristi: So... someone mailed us something, and we have to pay since they forgot to put a stamp on it?
Postman: Yup 
Kristi: Okaaaaaayyyyyyy...? I'll be right back....?
Kristi: Here you go (holding out the 2 dimes).
Postman: Here is your letter (takes my change with his ol' wrinkly fingers).
Kristi: um.... thanks?

And off he went.

After he left, I thought to myself--don't they usually "return to sender" the mail that doesn't have the correct postage...? Yes. Yes, they do. I know this because I have had mail returned to me over the years because I tend to forget things like stamps. So how come I had to pay this time...? It's not that I'm ticked about the measly $0.20... it's the principle--It's like being charged for an incoming long distance phone call.

Maybe tomorrow, I'll meet him at the curb, hand him back the letter and ask for my two dimes back. Either way, I know a certain someone that won't be getting his Christmas bonus in the mailbox this year. I'll give you one guess who it is.

Ol' grumpy bastard.

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Anonymous said...

Hey!!!!! You better leave Mr. Postman a Christmas gift!! That just wouldn't be nice. Maybe he was having an "off" day. I know neither of us would understand that...considering we are chipper, happy-asses all the time. Ha!!

Love you! And who knows, that could be my husband in like 20 years when/if I get hitched! HAAA!