Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Move over Martha

I made Ava her own heart-shaped crayons! I'm not going to lie-- I totally stole the idea from someone's pin on Pinterest. I'm flattered, really... but I'm not THAT creative!

Anywho.... I found some cute silicone, heart-shaped ice cube trays from IKEA that were so cheap that I had to laugh. So I bought two.

I put the broken (and unwrapped) crayons inside the hearts and baked them on low heat until melted. About 10 minutes later I took them out to cool-- and VOILA! Super cute crayons!

The only advice I have... try to group the broken crayons into same-ish color piles. I didn't do this and now she has a ton of rainbow crayons, which is fine unless you (or your "overly-particular daughter") are trying to make something a certain color, at which point it's impossible with our multicolored hearts.

Eat your heart out Martha.

1 comment:

Foreveramour said...

such a neat idea! Im going to steal it. I have tons of broken crayons leftover from my child hood years.