Wednesday, March 21, 2012

What have I gotten myself into?!

If you read my blog, then you already know that this Saturday I will be hosting a nationally televised Pinterest Party. The segment is being filmed by "CBS This Morning" and will likely air some time next week (I'll have a better idea when the producer tells me). The crew is flying in from NY on Saturday morning and arriving at our house by 10... party starts at 2:00. They are getting there early to film me prepping, hanging with my little fam, etc.

Anywho, with that said, I've been a friggin' planning machine! I mean, tell me all the stuff you would be doing if you knew your house was going to be shown for all to see...?!  Exactly.

I've been cleaning, shopping, weeding, planting, etc. I've got the have the house in tip-top shape before Saturday... and still find time to get myself cleaned up in the meantime (manicure, hair colored/ cut, etc). There aren't enough hours in the day for me to accomplish everything I need to do by Saturday. In fact, I had our sitter come over for a few hours this morning just so I could get out of the house and run a ton of errands; it's insane how fast I move when I'm not chasing a runaway toddler down the frozen foods aisle, while also pushing a stroller that is piled high with groceries. 

I thought I would show you the flowers I planted on the deck today. We will be doing a little DIY craft during the party and it's a messy one, so the deck will be the scene of the crime. I can't even tell you how much better it looks, compared to this morning. It's literally come to life in a few hours!

Chances are, the flowers will all be dead by Sunday, but who cares!?? The party is Saturday... so the little buggers just need to hang in there for a few more days! C'mon Miracle Grow.. grant me a miracle!

Also, I tackled the party favors for my guests: Homemade Lemon Sugar Hand Scrub in mason jars (No peeking, girls of the party!!!)

Here are the ingredients:
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil (3/4 cup)
  • Sugar (2 cups)
  • Lemon Juice (4 Tbsp)  
Simply pour in the EVOO and lemon juice. Then add the sugar while stirring, to blend. Last, finish with a spoon (got these spoons at Crate and Barrell for a $1 a piece!) and a cute little ribbon. Voila!

Aren't they cute?!
2.5 more days until the PAR-TAY! Wish me luck... and say a prayer I get everything done in time! Don't forget to "like" CBS This Morning on Facebook so you can catch the segment (in the event you miss it LIVE!)

Happy humpday people! :)

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