Thursday, March 29, 2012

Where do I even begin?!

I know, you're sick of seeing me talk about it today... but I'm still floating on cloud 9! I am thrilled with the segment that Lee Woodruff and "CBS This Morning" did on our party (video available here)!!

And I'm even more thrilled to learn (from a friend who is a regular reader of Huffington Post), that my party is being featured as a top story (read here)-- Only this article has even more personal info about yours truly, with links to my Patch column, as well as my Pinterest boards. Yee-FREAKING-haw!!

And THEN... (yes, there's more!), my Step-Sis Karen informed me there is a feature of our story on Business Insider! Will someone hire me already?!

It's been a super day. In fact, I think I got more love on FB today than I did on my bday which is hard to top. Thank you all for your kind words of support and for being my biggest cheerleaders! You have all made my day one of the brightest!


Vanessa said...

I was very excited seeing someone I "knew" on tv! the segment was great and your house (and you!) are beautiful!

Mrs. B said...

That is so awesome!! It looks like a great party and you are so stinkin cute!