Saturday, March 31, 2012

Party in MY Room!

My day started early. I woke up at 3 A.M. to the sound of Ava playing in her room-- with every single light on.  I told her (through the monitor) to turn off the lights and go to sleep. Well, as soon as I did that, I scared the bejeezus out of her and sent her wailing; she must have thought a friggin' demon was talking from inside the walls. So I crawled into her room, turned out the lights and snuggled into bed with her, silently celebrating the fact we went with the full size bed instead of the twin.

I truly love sleeping in bed with my kids-- LOVE it-- but I also know that overindulging in those sweet moments can create bad habits, something I've been hellbent on avoiding since day one. And snuggling with Ava is the absolute best.

In my sleepy slumber, I would wake to her kissing my forehead, saying "Sweet Deems Mommy"-- the very thing I do and say to her each night. I wanted to open my eyes and maul her! But I knew if I did that, she would think it was party time. So I laid there, pretending to sleep while she sweetly kissed my cheeks, nose and forehead. I must be doing something right, right?! Seriously need to add that to my list of "Top 5 Sweetest Moments".

I eventually dozed off, as did she. At 6:30, Ken nudged me, telling me Jack was up (I guess I will sleep when I'm dead) which alerted Ava that the day has officially begun.

Lucky guy crawled back into bed while I stayed up and took care of the kids. Not long after getting up, I noticed Ava went up to our room. After not hearing from her for a few minutes, I went upstairs to find this:

Looks like today's DIY project is all about childproofing light switches.

Light switch meet duct tape.

That was easy.

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