Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Awe yeah!

If you read my blog or "like" Whine & Cheez on Facebook, you know I love putting up random pregnancy pics of people. I find them on the web and I have the best time laughing at these "freaks" that take these random-ass pregnancy pics. I look at them and ask myself, "Who does that?!"

Wanna know who???

We do.

Here it is folks. A pic that we took when we were pregnant with Ava. A friend recently came across it and brought it to my attention. Holy shit. I am gonna be featured on someone else's blog as the "chick with the random-ass maternity pic".

For what it's worth... the baby was supposed to be the size of a small pumpkin at the time the pic was taken.  I know. There is still NO excuse.  We are douchebags.


Traci Curtis said...

The best part is your caption under the picture... I was LITERALLY laughing my ass off!!! You can always give me a good laugh!

Stacia said...

bwaaaaaahhahaahahahahahhahaaaa awesome.

Leonna said...

I wonder what Ava and lil guy are going to say to their parents 20 years down the road when they see this pic :)

Laura said...

LOL bahahahahahahahaha this is hilarious!!!!! I love that you called yourselves douchebags!!!!!!

Kelly said...

OMG!!! Hilarious! I love it!