Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Pregnant & Painting

I decided that the bathroom in our entryway needed a facelift. Afterall, it was the PERFECT excuse to get the color "Bay Laurel" (from Restoration Hardware) on our walls! Rather than hire someone to paint it, I channeled my nesting instinct, grabbed the kid and headed to Home Depot (Yes... I am still VERY pissed at them-- read HERE for the story-- but I didn't have a choice).

I had a sales associate walk me through the paint aisle, guiding me to the right tools for the job. Ten minutes later, I was the new owner of a few paint brushes, a roller brush, a tray and a snickers bar. What?! I needed a snack.

That day, while Ava napped, I got started. I managed to complete the trim in 2 hours... which was WAY more time than I had anticipated; maneuvering around a pedestal sink and toilet, with a 26-week-pregnant-belly isn't as easy as I had anticipated. By the next day, the bathroom was done (and I even finished repainting the mirror). I think it looks WAY better. And I love looking in there, each time I walk in the door, knowing I did it! I need to add some decor & artistic touches so don't look too closely. 

And... AFTER!

After this little project, I feel totally inspired to tackle our 2 spare bedrooms in the basement! First though, maybe I'll paint my baby belly...?

 On second thought- maybe not.

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