Monday, October 24, 2011

11 Days!

I seriously cannot believe that in 11 days (or less) I will be a Mom of 2. It's insane.

I visited the Dr again today. I found out that I am dilated an additional centimeter from last week-- which means I'm at a whopping 2cm now. She said based on the size of my belly, baby will likely be of similar size to Ava, which was a nice, little 6 lbs 3oz bundle! Amen to that, sister!

She scheduled me for the induction, which will be November 4th-- Hard to believe that it's next Friday! And even better, our darling babysitter has switched around her schedule to babysit Ava so my Mom can come to the hospital with Ken and I. It will be great having her there this time around (I can already hear her hooting and hollering)!

My Mom is coming in on Wednesday which will be nice; we'll have time to hang out a bit before he makes his debut. And then my Sister comes on Friday, too. Talk about having a great support system in place! :)  Ava is going to go ballistic, having both my Mom and Sis here!

Best news of all??? I somehow managed to lose 4 lbs in the last week. Yahooooooooo! 

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Stacia said...

11/4 is my dad's birthday! happy induction date!! LOVE the theme for the baby's room. so friggin cute!