Thursday, October 20, 2011

Consider yourself warned

What I'm showing you is certainly NOT pretty. This is what I am surprised with on a DAILY basis by our dogs.

And not only is it poo. It's puke too. Each day we have piles to clean-up. Now that I think of it-- A stock purchase in Brawny and Lysol would have been GENIUS.

So my question is this: How long would YOU put up with this?? Seriously! How long?? These dogs are so big they might as well be clydesdale horses-- you can imagine how HUGE their "messes" are.

They've been to the vet. They've gotten anxiety medicine. They don't have any stomach issues. They spend most of the day outside, in our fenced in yard-- which means they are getting PLENTY of exercise. Yet, they will come right inside and %$*# all over our house, the moment they come in.

I guess I should be thankful that they choose to do it in the bathrooms or on the hardwood floor. Thoughtful little bastards. Wait-- who the hell am I kidding?! This is re-God-damn-diculous.

We've paid for ACL surgeries for both dogs and spent countless dollars on top notch training, boarding, etc. Where does it end? I do not want to get rid of them. But at the same time, I will NOT clean up crap after my daughter, soon to be born son and 2 GROWN DOGS. I've had it.

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