Monday, June 13, 2011


I'm a big proponent of "have a bad experience? Tell 10 people!"... only this time I'm doing it tenfold.


with a capital F and a capital U!

We bought a rug on their "no interest" plan in October, which meant we had no interest for 6 months. As expected, Home Depot sent us a bill in November and December, to which I made a payment of $100 both times (far over the minimum payment due).

Then, for some reason, the Home Depot statement/ bill stopped coming, and truthfully, I eventually forgot about them (I'm busy alright... that's why I don't sign up for ebills... I like the bills to come in the mail so I remember to pay them immediately.)

Then, all of a sudden, I started receiving calls from Home Depot's Credit Card Collection Services.

Kristi: I haven't received a bill. Why are you calling me, telling me I owe you $725?
Home Depot (India): Ma'am, we huv noot receive payment seence December. We need payment now.
Kristi: Well why haven't I received a bill? I can't recall the last time I saw something from you...?
Home Depot (India): Ma'am, please confirm I have right address: ______________
Kristi: No, I don't live there. I have never lived there. You have been sending the bills to the wrong address, and are now billing me an additional $220 over my current balance, (due to late fees and interest charges), on account of YOUR error?
Home Depot (India): ::crickets... looking thru manual for answer to my question::

Before I hung up the phone with "Jennifer" I agreed to make the minimum payment to get the account out of collection and was told I should call the next week to dispute the late fees/ interest charges.

I thought to myself: No problem, I'll get this all sorted out. They'll take care of me considering this is obviously THEIR error.

Well, guess what?! "Jennifer" charged my debit card for the ENTIRE amount of $725 (the balance + $220 in late fees/ interest charges), instead of the minimum payment of $65 (that I had requested to pay).

Oh, you just dinged me for $690 extra? Thanks so much, Jennifer! Money grows on trees in our yard, so it's no problem, at all. Really. In fact, I wipe Ava's ass with $100 bills. I totally appreciate it. Really.

Home Depot (India): Thank you for calling Home Depot. How may I assist you?
Kristi: I want to speak with a supervisor. NOW!

Long story short, the IDIOT "Supervisor" gets on the phone and says he can only credit me the interest fees, which means I'm still getting screwed for $140, on account of THEIR billing error (by sending it to the wrong address for the last 5 months).

So, I asked to speak to HIS supervisor, who, after 10 minutes, tells me that he isn't authorized to give me anymore credits, and that I would need to speak to HIS supervisor (FML!!!!!!).

Well, guess what?! HIS supervisor (a.k.a. Captain-Worthless-with-a-headset) calls me back to address my problem. Guess what SHE did? Nothing. The wastoid admitted that she couldn't even see my account on her screen because she wasn't authorized (that must be some kind of supervisor you are!). THEN WHAT THE ______ AM I DOING WASTING MY TIME, TELLING YOU EVERY _______ DETAIL IF YOU CAN'T EVEN SEE MY _______ ACCOUNT, TO GIVE ME A ________ CREDIT? 

Now, now... don't worry. I didn't use a single F bomb. I kept my cool. But inside, I am boiling. BOILING. My fists are tight, heart is pounding and my head feels hot (I wonder if this is how that guy felt before he punched Snookie?!)

Bottom line: I just got screwed out of at least $140 because HOME DEPOT BLOWS.

I will NEVER shop there again. EVER. I don't care if I have to drive an extra 5 miles to get to Menard's or Lowe's. Home Depot is dead to me.

Good riddance. I never liked orange anyway. It doesn't look good on ANYONE.


Erin Rohan said...

oh my gosh sooo great deff had this same situation happen to me different place though!!!! i litterally laughed out loud at a couple of parts of this article love reading them keep up the GREAT work!!!!!

Kristi Gilbert said...

Ha! Thanks Erin!

Molly R. said...

That's a bummer. I had a similar (although less $$) experience with a medical bill being sent to an incorrect address. I paid it immediately, like you did. Come to find out the best way is to dispute it (through the three credit reporting agencies) because the merchant had the wrong address. It was not your fault, but they are going to ding you for it. Because the system works in favor of the merchant, not the individual. The whole situation sucks b/c you end up having loads of phone calls on your part to get it squared away. So sorry you have to deal with this. Such a pain!

Stacia said...

ooh man that's EXACTLY how i feel about best buy. i haven't stepped foot in that store in 6 years.