Monday, June 6, 2011

Recipe for a 4-hour nap!

1. Load child (and favorite stuffed animal) into car and drive to first destination.

2. Take child to local Farmer's Market. 

3. Make sure child smells lots of flowers

4. Take child to friend's house. Have kids dress in princess dresses and play musical instruments with excessive force.

5. Have other child use your child's head as an object to bang the symbols on.

6. Take children to local pool for a quick dip

7. Treat children to non-alcoholic daiquiris. CHEERS!

8. Finish lunch date off with some chips & gas station quality cheese.

9. Sprinkle in a few giggles.

10. Drive like a bat outta hell to get home for nap time where child will then nap for 4 glorious hours.

Ahhh. Mission "Exhaust-Child-Into-Afternoon-Long-Coma" was officially a success!

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