Sunday, January 2, 2011


My brother Shayne was in a horrific accident on Saturday night.  He was pulling into his driveway (in a VERY rural area of Tennessee) and his dog Abbey abruptly ran out in front of his truck.  Shayne swerved to avoid hitting her... hit a patch of ice... and ended up rolling his truck over into a fast-moving (and very deep, I might add) "creek bed".  He said the cab of the truck started filling up with freezing-cold water, so fast that he literally thought he was going to die.  He tried busting his side windows but had no luck (keep in mind, he's upside down... while being consumed by ice cold water... in pitch black conditions).  He somehow managed to turn himself around to kick out the back window in order to get out... only to be swept downstream by a mile (obviously the current was treacherous).  He said it was nearly impossible to get to shore.  By the time he got to shore, he then had to walk 6 miles... 6 MILES... IN SOAKING WET CLOTHES... IN 10 DEGREE WEATHER... to get to a phone (because his wallet, phone, etc were in the truck... and now floating downstream).  When he finally got there, he called my Mom to tell her what had happened (she was SO shaken  by this)... and then he called the police and tow truck.  They determined his truck was "totaled" when they got to the scene.... especially considering the truck was completely underwater by the time they had arrived.

I cannot believe he is alive.  It doesn't even seem real that this happened to him.  And the worst part is, I have no way to talk to him... to make sure he's ok.  I feel so sorry for him.  If you know my brother, you know he hasn't had the easiest stretch of road to travel... some of which, were his choices... but nonetheless, he's not had it "easy" by any means.  If you're reading this... please say a prayer for him... he gave me away at my wedding and I consider him to be one of the most amazing men in my life.  And I always will.  He's my best friend and I hope that his life will take a turn for the better.

As for a positive piece in this post:  I put Ava down tonight.  She was still awake when I put her in her crib.. and I (did as I always do) told her she was such a good girl and that I had such a "great day with such a great girl".  She turned over, toward the wall... snuggled on her pillow-pet and literally said, "Ni-Ni.".  My sweet baby, told me good night.  I. Could. Die.

Thank you God for my blessings.

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