Thursday, January 20, 2011

Wine Night!

I attended my first ever "Clarendon Hills Mommy Wine Night" last night and had SO much fun! My friend Sara reached out to a few of my neighbors, asking them to embrace me and boy did they?! What a great group. We met from 7-10 and A LOT of wine was consumed... mostly by me I think... helping to calm my nerves about being the "new kid". As it turns out, I wasn't the only newbie; there were lots of newcomers which made me feel at ease. A few of the girls work out at Lifetime, during the same time that I usually go with Ava. Maybe now I'll muster up the courage to attend a class or two since I have a buddy.

I had such a great time and am happy to say that I made some new friends.  And boy did I learn a lot.  I know all about the preferred preschools, restaurants, etc... I feel like I know a little more about our community.  I look forward to going next time... we meet every 6 weeks.

Thanks again, Sara for the warm introductions to your great friends! I owe you one!

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