Thursday, January 13, 2011

Dear Jason's Mom- I get it now.

After I got Ava asleep for her 1:00 nap today, rather than rush off to watch my guilty pleasure (Days of our Lives) I opted to stay and watch her sleep in my arms for a few minutes. I immediately thought about how much I love this child... like no love I could ever describe... and my thoughts then (as usual, took a dark turn and) lead me to think about the rath I will bring upon anyone that harms her or threatens her happiness.

I get it now. What I mean is, I now understand why that Mother (in 3rd grade), pulled me by the arm and told me to "stop picking on her son". For the record, I wasn't picking on him... he took my ball and pushed me. And let's just say I was being "self-sufficient" and "assertive" with getting it back. Anyway, she saw me hassling him and she came at me with RAGE, I tell you, RAGE!

Back then I thought she was crazy. But if she were sitting next to me now, I would tell her I am sorry for hassling Jason. But he DID deserve it. ;-)

I hope that Ava will be strong willed to stand up for what is right (and I have no doubt she will... she's holding her own already). Little muscle... she is SO strong. And so independent. I hope she knows that I will always have her back. Kind of like Sandra Bullock in the movie "The Blindside" with Michael (or as she says, "Mak-oll"). 

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